The 401(k) Compliance Solution™ is divided into six distinct steps:

Stage One:

The Free Starter Kit

Five questions which every Plan Sponsor must ask.

Stage Two:

The 401(k) Compliance Check-up

Consists of an 8-point checkup and a 10 question plan checklist from the IRS to determine if your plan and investments are in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Stage Three:

The Review and Report

Your 401(k) Compliance Report provides an in-depth analytical review of your 401(k) investments, investment policy statement, plan design, plan document, communications packages, and other important elements of your plan.

Stage Four:

Coaching and Implementation

Helps you implement the recommendations in your 401(k) Compliance Report.

Stage Five:

The Toolbox

Provides professional resources and assistance to help you implement your plan.

Stage Six:

Regular Review

This will ensure that your 401(k) plan and investments continue to be compliant with all laws and regulations.