The 401(k) Compliance Solution™ will protect you, your company, and your employees by making your 401(k) plan and investments totally compliant with all laws and regulations. Created by Patrick Carroll of Wealth Strategies Group and Stuart Paris of Paris International Corporation, the program helps you evaluate your current retirement plan, save money, legally protect yourself and your company, and promote the future success of your organization.

The 401(k) Compliance Solution™ was created because many Plan Trustees are not fully compliant with all 401(k) laws and regulations. For example, 401(k) plans may not be providing investment diversification as required by law. They may not have an investment policy statement or the plan may not be communicated properly to employees. There may be no coordination among the providers managing the various areas of the plan, such as communication, record-keeping, administration, and investments. Fees may be excessive and not properly disclosed or the plan may be run inefficiently.

All of these oversights, omissions and errors can spell disaster for a company and its plan trustees. The plan could lose significant money and the company could face serious legal consequences that could undermine the future success - even the existence - of the company.

We developed this program working with our clients during the past twenty years. We will help you understand your current situation and guide you through the necessary steps to make your plan a compliant plan.
Friday, July 1, 2016

Bill to create universal retirement plan

The plan would mandate employer contributions and automatically enroll employees into retirement accounts. read more

Sunday, July 17, 2016

DOL Responds to Fiduaciary Rule Lawsuit

The agency defends its authority to issue a new rule and to extend provisions of the rule to IRAs. read more